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…So the other day, the crew went on set for another amazing music video shoot.

Artiste and entourage – check

First class rig – check

Ace director – check

Production crew – check

Makeup and costume – check

Super dope models and vixens – check

Eer where was I going with this… ok yea the production started off on a high note as usual. Top energy, positive vibes, great performance from the artiste … then something happened; boy did it happen big time!

You see, with the trending demands of the music industry, it is almost impossible to shoot a circular hip- hop music video without the cast (especially the females) being scantily dressed, so yea it was one of those types of videos and we had all begun to sweat buckets due to the high tempo of the song

Suddenly, there came that fishy smell… yeah right… that stale fishy smell that oozes out of a not too healthy private area.

At first it seemed like the smell came in from some unknown source then I got so strong and consistent that we could clearly identify the source. I hate to say this but it was from someone’s hidden body parts *a female person.

Worst part was she couldn’t even tell! Shocked? Well the truth is we were shocked too. However, we booked her an appointment with our doc. and it appeared that she had major yeast infection.

Here is the point: models, vixens, crew, and everyone else guys, we all need proper grooming. Some people have these sorts of issues and they have lived with it so long that they have accepted and adjusted to the condition as a part of their lives; that stinks and shouldn’t be.

Let’s make sure we check ourselves first before we go public. Our breath, hidden body parts, clothes should NOT STINK ON SET it is rude guys.

If you clean up nice and those smells still linger then you should see a doctor for proper care.