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Howdy, howdy, howdy Hizzle!!!

Happy new year to you all!!!

Hope you had a smooth entry to 2017. It’s great to be on this side of the New Year right? That’s something we should all be thankful for.

Thank God we didn’t get stuck and gone with 2016 and for that reason, if we are asked to describe 2016 in one word, the perfect response will be #undoubtedly: “BLESSED.”

I mean… Think about it… being here in another year?

Given the opportunity for “New Beginnings”?

The chance to say something about a year that safely escorted you into a New Year?

That’s huge! Maybe you should take a moment to think about it

No, it’s not a waste of time. And if you see someone telling you it’s a waste of time, then that person does not know the first thing about being thankful and showing gratitude.

So, here’s our 2016 review.

What Went Well?

Here is why you should count your blessings and name them one by one because at the end of your list, you would be shocked by how blessed you have been. Just think about it in your head, try to ask yourself, “What went well for you?”

It might be tough to remember everything, but the truth is we were blessed indeed.

We had the opportunity to work with the most amazing clients in existence in the entertainment industry and for these efforts we got numerous nominations for different awards.

Blessed or what…

Can We Do It Again?

For some of you, the natural follow up question to “What went well.” Should be: “What went wrong?”

But we don’t want to focus on the negative stuff right now. Instead, we want you to think about positivity…

“Can we do it again?”

Our answer is “ABSOLUTELY”!

You all have been an amazing part of our journey through the years and what better way to ensure more blessing in 2017 than to invite you to remain a part of our growth and success…

We would love to help you grow your brands, businesses and lives just as we grow ours and we ask that you let us into your world as we let you into ours.

Remember to hold on to what works and do it over and over and over again.

Because if it went well once…

…it can go well again.

So, here’s what we want you to do:

We want you to take some time to think about what went well in 2016.

And then think about whether or not you can do it again.

Even better?

leave a comment on this blog post right here. Write the comment like this:

Hi, I’m Name. I’m an entertainer/ I run a business that [insert business].

What Went Well:

Insert What Went Well

Can I Do It Again?

Yes, I can. And here’s how I plan to do it.

So, leave a comment now.

Or, if you’re not ready to write your comment yet (and want to do it later), right now, you can just re-share this article.

Stay inspired!