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Growing a music business today is not what it uses to be. With the new technology in the world today, there is a lot of misconception that the music industry is a platform to showcase vocal skills and in some cases, dashing good looks with no extra effort and boom!!! the fame comes alongside heavy floods of cash *smh:(. Well, for those who didn’t know, let me announce to you that the industry is so much more than a big show.
The music industry is big business and for anyone to be successful in this industry they must be willing to roll up their designer sleeves, strengthen those vocal cords and do the work that it entails.

As you know, Frizzle and Bizzle is so cool cos we always point you to the right direction so, here are 5 tips to help you grow your music business.

Go all out for it

Professional business as a musician can be very scary, but if it wasn’t scary, it wouldn’t be rewarding. In every business, believing in yourself and giving everything you’ve got is a sure way to success, whether you are a new or existing business owner. So, never forget to go all out in your career. You got this!

Put yourself out there

Remember its show business so this is not the time to be shy! Reach out to successful individuals in the industry, attend and network at events, grab opportunities to collaborate with others in order to gain insight, get your name out there and heighten your chances for success. Make sure to treat all people with respect, because you never know how they might be able to help you down the line.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Everyone starts somewhere. The road to success often comes with many mistakes, but those mistakes lead to lessons learned, so don’t be afraid to experiment and take risks in order to get the experience you need.

Have a strong social media presence

The first place people look when they are researching your brand will likely be one of your social profiles. Make sure you are constantly engaging with your fans/customers (did you see that? fans/customers? that’s because you should realize that your fans are your business customers) If your social media isn’t great, chances are you might end up losing a potential customers.

Keep good company

Anyone associated with your brand should leave a positive impression on any fan/customer they come across. Make sure to build a team you can rely on, surround yourself with people you can trust and, as always, research any potential opportunities as much as possible to make sure you are constantly moving forward.