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We all have that dream of fame and fortune; some of us are born into this lifestyle, while some others marry into a wealthy and famous family.  The thought is that those with wealth and fame enjoy a lot, and are in a world of glamour, luxurious vacations, parties, beautiful homes, servants and have everything they need.
Celebrities have come to realize that most of it are not true. Exposure to fame could have negative impact on our relationship with ourselves, family, friends, colleges and fans. 
Family, friends, colleges, fans could feel unseen or ignored or robbed of a relationship with the person they love and cherish. The ones who would feel the impact more are the ones they love and themselves, they forget who they are and what they want, they are blinded by their lust and riches that their priorities change.
In the beginning for the celebrity he/she feels the euphoric effects gotten from a little bit of fame or big cash profit. It goes into his/ her head and covers his/ her heart. The celeb only lusts for more after a taste of the splendors of fame and would stop at nothing to get to and stay at the top. He or she is willing to sacrifice anyone or anything.
The desire to stay at the top is powerful enough to send some people to asylum, depression and drugs.
As was seen in the past in the lives of some celebrities such as Whitney Houston, Judy Garland and Michael Jackson. 48-year-old Whitney Houston fame and wealth affected her relationtionship with herself and others; mistrust, substance abuse, isolation then untimely death. Also Michael Jackson died from drug abuse, taking of a drug more than the normal dosage due to his desire to perform outstandingly.
Also their loved ones are not being left out, with the fame comes ego, and entitlement that often leads to narcissism. Temptations surround the celeb as do suspicions which undermine and destroy the love between them and their loved ones. They can become drug addicts and also convert their loved ones into drug addicts as is seen with Whitney Houston and her daughter. Also spending time on a location, which could be about 3 to 6 months robs you of time with your family. The myth of wealth and fame could get into one’s head making one lose the core values of a family and home to make a man leave his wife of many years in the process of having an illicit affair, like Tiger woods who admitted to cheating on his wife multiple times with different women.
In addition, the paparazzi and the media does not help the matter, they tell what is not the truth and could leave you with no privacy. This could affect your relationship with your loved ones negatively bringing as earlier said, distrust and suspicions.
It is not a bad thing to desire wealth and fame, because in the long run, it’s because of desires, needs and wants that the world has grown into a better place, and is improving every day. However, you should not lose sight of who you are, your values, and what you really want in life, plus, you must develop the ability to live a normal life as much as possible with your family and loved ones. You must learn to create time for you and your loved ones, because great relationships in the time passed helped you to get to where you are and would help you more in the future while bringing you peace and happiness.