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The other day I realized how clueless small to medium sized businesses are when it comes to using technology and the web to market their business.

It was during the school holidays when I walked into one of the “best” schools by my placed to make enquiries on how to enroll a child, they gave me the information I needed concerning the various tests the child will undergo to determine the class placement and they gave me the information on their tuition and other payments, they handed me a flier containing pictures of some of their school activities and then they  thanked me for coming, and they also said they hoped I came back to enroll the child soon.

That’s it.

Since the school was out of session, there was no way I could see what the school looked like while in session with all the students and teachers and to this effect I was handed a flier.

They asked for my phone number but they never followed up.

They didn’t ask for my email address.

They didn’t offer a loyalty program.



The key to marketing is identifying how to best create a connection between your business and your prospective client. Let’s consider the prospective parent, guardian or student who is checking out schools and colleges online. He or she is probably going to surf around a homepage and check out the pages designed for prospective students. There will be pictures of smiling faces of students engaged in all sorts of classroom and extracurricular activities. The admissions office hopes the prospective parent, guardian or student can relate to at least one of those happy kids performing experiments in a chemistry lab or playing basketball on the court.

Unfortunately, still pictures, are limited in the stories they can tell; but when a school also posts videos featuring current students and activities, it provides a clearer and fuller picture of what it’s like to attend the school. The prospective student has an opportunity to see the kinds of people he or she will be in class with, perhaps live next door to in a dorm, or meet in a campus club. More importantly, the student might see someone he or she can identify with; imagining what it will be like to take those classes or join those activities.

When marketing a school, producing video can be extremely effective, consider it as a tool to build and maintain a stronger connection with your prospective students. Remember that prospective students want to picture themselves at your school; also the parents and guardians want to feel satisfied that your facility will be perfect for their child.