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The music industry is probably one of the most interesting yet difficult industries in Nigeria. The Music industry is one of those industries that gets your heart racing and occupies your mind throughout most of your life, unless you get yourself into it to do something about it. A person with great dreams can achieve great things but first, they must run with their dreams before they can achieve them.

If you have that dream of becoming a super star in the Nigerian music industry, let us help you with some facts about the music business that may make the journey a little smoother and save you a lot of headache and money along the way.

There are three elements that make any business successful and they are particularly important in the music industry; they are:

The goal

The plan

The team

The music business just like any other business needs these three elements to become successful. Usually, the dream to become a successful super star leads to the goal but then the plan and the team prove to be a huge problem for most budding artistes.

Most singers, songwriters, and musicians possess a very creative mind. However, they are not interested in taking responsibility for the business side of things.

Artistes must understand that they must develop both their business and creative minds in order for them to stand a chance of becoming successful. They must know what needs to be done in their careers, what is being done, and why it is being done in order to attain greatness.

Another important factor in the music business is Psychology. Understanding the mental side of the music industry is also very important. A huge aspect of this business is your ability to out-think your competition and coming up with unique ways of doing things that will get attention.



Every person, no matter what their occupation is, has to have the proper tools to get a job done. In the case of the music business, the raw tools are talent, appearance, and a very positive mental attitude. Some other factors that come in handy include educational courses such as drama, public speaking, and salesmanship.