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We see it all the time with entertainers who are still wet behind the ears, bragging about how rich and famous they are, how they’ve got cool swag and how they only spend their money on expensive things; but the truth of the matter is, even though it is cool to be a showstopper, that shouldn’t hold back your progress in terms of making real money and creating the type of lifestyle that you portray for real.

Everyone has read the juicy story of the “social media fight between WIZKID and LINDA IKEJI” Many have thrown in their 2cents here and there regardless of the authenticity of the story. But then in the midst of the chaos and whatever kind of feelings that the parties involved may have been through, have we stopped to think of the hidden lessons in these (fact or fictional) stories?

For example, if you are a celebrity, are you truly rich or are you simply putting up a facade ? do you have the business part of your career locked down in such a way that you are not only closet rich but also bank rich and asset rich?

Do you truly know  HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY? How to create workflow to acquire fans, the workflow for your sales cycle and for your entire business strategy; do you know how to scale up the workflow to operate in parallels and batches so multiple workflows turn into multiple revenue streams for you?

The takeaway for all entertainers promoting anything is plain and simple – do not focus on just the fame upfront, focus on the workflow.

(DISCLAIMER: this article is in no way related to the “said fight between Wizkid and Linda Ikeji, it is only intended to educate and inform)