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Face it guys, if you are still marketing like its 2002 then I hate to break it to you,… you don’t exist…!

If you are one of those who make a song, shoot a video to the song, keep the video in your dusty digital library for too long in the name of a big launch then release the video on launch date with just a few words like … “hey fans I’ve got a new video out” BAM!!! And that’s it; you go into hiding, nothing after that, you just sit and hope your music goes viral… hmmm the truth is while this may work for 1 person in a gazillion, chances are that you are not that 1 person. I’m sorry but that’s just the truth.

But there is something I’m quite sure you will hear, …


Seriously though, did you really wait for me to tell you what you will hear after such a lame attempt at going viral?

If you want to see your hard work go viral, you want the world to see you as a star, then you’ve got to put in the work. You must roll up your sleeves get that engine roaring and those tires blazing. You must learn to be everywhere.

With the advanced technology of today, it is now more important than ever to be personally involved in your own success as a musician. Your fans now demand more from you, they want to talk one on one with you and its increasingly difficult to just snob them.

You need a more hands on approach, you have got to put in your 100% to see things work for you.